12.4 Implementation Schedule

Changes to the COUNTER Code of Practice may be non-substantive or substantive. A non-substantive change may be a clarification or correction of typographical errors that does not affect how the Code of Practice is implemented. A substantive change is one that would affect the implementation of the COUNTER Code of Practice. Examples of substantive changes are adding a new metric type or report, changing the requirement for including a data element from “may” to “MUST”, or changing processing rules.

Non-substantive changes can become effective immediately upon publication of the new version of the Code of Practice.

Substantive changes become effective for a given content provider within 12 months of publication of the new release or with the next audit, whichever date is later.

Substantive changes will be clearly marked in the change log in Appendix B to ensure they can be easily identified.

All other requirements of the Code of Practice will remain in effect during the implementation period for changes brought about by a new release.