Appendix I: List of internet robots, crawlers and spiders

Note: The main Code of Practice document takes precedence in the case of any conflicts between it and this appendix.

The growing use of internet robots, crawlers and spiders has the potential to artificially inflate usage statistics. Only genuine, user-driven usage should be reported in COUNTER usage reports. Usage of full text articles that is initiated by automatic or semi-automatic bulk download tools, such as Quosa or Pubget should only be recorded when the user has clicked on the downloaded full-text article in order to open it.

Activity generated by internet robots, crawlers and spiders must be excluded from all COUNTER usage reports.

This list of internet robots, crawlers and spiders was published in April 2016 and updated July 2016. Please note it is rationalised, removing some previously redundant entries (e.g. the text ‘bot’ - msnbot, awbot, bbot, turnitinbot, etc. - which is now collapsed down to a single entry ‘bot’).

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